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Dear future private RV Renter – welcome to Private RV Rental!

Justin Private RV GuideMy name is Justin Eldridge and for many years, I have been renting out my personal RV.  After working with a lot of nervous renters, I discovered why they were nervous . . . . there was no reliable, objective information available for them to use for research and help them answer their questions. Renters have real concerns over entering into such a large financial commitment with just some Joe-blow. I knew I could help. I leveraged my years of personal experience to create the Private RV Rental Guide.

This guide is a straight forward, cut-to-the chase manual that quickly makes the key information a renter needs easy to understand.  When you order, you’ll get instant access to 16 powerful, information packed pages of just what you need to know and do. – no fluff and no filler.  As a bonus, free with your order, you’ll get a RV 101 guide that explains the most important things you need to know about operating an RV.  Both guides are downloadable in .pdf format (Adobe Acrobat Required).

Acting on this insider information before you leave could realistically make the difference between an unforeseen problem being just a bump in the road and having it completely ruin your vacation.

 This is your vacation. It’s your money. It’s your incredibly valuable free time. Let me provide you with an educated response to anyone who may warn you about renting a RV from a private party. Do not leave your vacation to chance by simply hoping you are protected in the event of a problem.

Owning this guide will make renting from a private owner a great decision.

This guide will show you:

  • The 5 critical things that you must know before renting from a private owner.
  • The most common cause of RV roadside breakdowns – and how to find out if the RV you are renting is at risk!
  • 3 emails that ask all the tough questions for you in a clear, yet unoffensive manner.
  • The “Private RV Rental Checklist” which will enable you to not just walk through the RV and see what he wants you to see, but will enable you to get problems resolved before you leave.

While there are a lot of places online where you can rent a private RV, you should know that there is no entity that certifies that an RV owner is abiding by a basic set of standards, no place that you can check the rating and history of a particular owner, and no place that you can see if others have had bad experiences with a particular RV owner.

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You will receive instant access to it immediately after your purchase.

Do not rent from a private owner without this information.

For less than the price of a few drinks, ice, and some snacks for the road, you will receive the peace of mind that comes from knowing you are protected in the event of a problem.

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And if you order today, you will receive the following bonus:

rv101 bonus Private RV Guide

Before you rent, the RV owner will walk you through their motorhome. Don’t discover on mid-trip that you’ve forgotten what you were shown.

The RV 101 manual gives you a quick reference, step-by-step handbook that frees you from having to rely solely on your memory. Simply print it off and you can take with you on your vacation or download it to your iPad or laptop.

The RV 101 manual includes:

  • Step-by-step instructions on:
    • Preparing the RV departure
    • Setting up the RV upon arrival for an overnight stay
    • Operating the RV’s core systems including the generator, A/C, microwave, fridge/freezer, furnace, water heater and water pump system pressurization.
    • Refueling the natural gas, generator fuel and water tanks
    • Flushing the holding tanks (black, grey and water)
    • Connecting to RV hookups (septic, electrical and water systems)
  • Trouble-shooting section to enable you to resolve potential problems on the road
  • Plus, the FAQ section where I answer 10 of the most valuable frequently asked questions that RV renters have.

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After you purchase this guide and receive your free bonus RV 101 manual, if don’t feel that it was worth every penny, I will give you a 100% refund – no hassle, and no questions asked. But I know you will find to be an amazing resource that you can use. I feel that this is as fair as it gets.

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Try this product at my risk, and if you don’t think it will help you, I honestly want you to ask for your money back!

But I know it will. You can enjoy all the benefits of renting an RV from a private RV owner, and have an amazing and enjoyable vacation experience – with the peace of mind that you are protected no matter what problems may occur with the RV.  Order now for Instant Access to both guides!

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